Thank the funky stars that ToeJam and Earl are not only back, but at optimal funk levels we’ve so desperately been needing in 2019.

Out today for PS4, Xbox One and Steam, we have an entirely brand new ToeJam and Earl game: ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove. A sequel to the Sega Genesis favorite that became one of the system’s most cherished franchises, the cult classic duo are updated for 2019 in one of the year’s most refreshing gaming experiences.

For those who may have never had the outer-space pleasure of riding with our boys, ToeJam and Big Earl are two rapping aliens from the planet Funkotron. Here they’ve crash landed on Earth and need to retrieve pieces from their “borrowed” Rapmaster Rocket in order to return home. Having to make their way through different levels of Earth, on the run from bizarre Earthlings (finally, a game captures how truly weird we are) and only aided by acquiring gift-wrapped presents that are opened in Russian-roulette good-or-bad style when the player summons them, it’s really addicting and really, really fun.

Fans can play as two different versions of ToeJam and Big Earl (depending on how ol’ skool they want their funk) or their alien friends, including LaTisha and Lewanda. Plus there’s beat-making, dancing rhythm games, surreal mini-stages and constant innovations to give the game a tremendous level of replay value.

And, most importantly, the music is really, really funky. We’re talking some of the tastiest grooves to ever hit the console. The original soundtrack really slaps.

Not just a nostalgia dip, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove is one of this year’s essential jams!

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