Reed laces up a new artist that you NEED to know every day at 4pm with his Top Prospects, only on Go 96.3.

Today on Top Prospects we have new music from Canadian indie-pop band, Peach Pit! Hailing from Vancouver, they describe their music as, “chewed up bubble gum pop.” Although others have described them as “surf rock” and sad-pop”. Fun to note that these lads allegedly wear the same clothes at every live performance, ever since they bought them for their first music video. They have an album due out this spring, with today’s featured track on, “Shampoo Bottles” on it. Today’s song is about stuff the lead singers ex girlfriend left at his apartment after a break up, (shampoo, deodorant, cell charger, etc.) and even after he used up all the shampoo and deodorant, he still didn’t throw them away for a while. Okay, I get the sad-rock thing now.

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