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UPDATE: As of Noon on 11/21/18 Joyner has responded and Tory has responded to that response. Catch all the updates here!

2018 has been the biggest year for hip-hop on-record beef in quite a while, and while everything from hidden children to industry blackballing have lead previous tensions to overflow into disses, the latest feud is over the simple question: who is the better rapper?

This all started yesterday when Tory Lanez was bragging about being the best rapper, specifically stating Joyner Lucas couldn’t match him “on any level.”

Lucas replied by challenging Lanez to select any beat he wanted to spit on, he’ll rap on it too and let the world decide.

In a cunning move, Lanez picked “Lucky You,” the Lucas-assisted Eminem song from earlier this year. Given that we’d already heard what Lucas could do with the beat, Lanez had the advantage of going second.

As of press time, Lucas hasn’t responded. For something so simple as “Who is the better rapper,” there’s something pretty cool about a war of worlds over the same bragging rights that energized the hip-hop scene back in ’81 when Kool Moe Dee went at Busy Bee. Hopefully there’s more great music to come!

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