When he’s not on the air, Go 95.3’s midday host DJ Bonics is the tour DJ for rapper Wiz Khalifa. Here is his first entry for GoMN.com documenting life on the road.

For those of you who may not know me, hello! I’ve been given a great opportunity to able to bring my radio show on the road with me. My goal is to go out there and represent the Twin Cities, but also bring a little bit of tour life and travel experiences back to Minnesota.

Last week, Wiz Khalifa and I flew to South Korea for our first performance in the country.I still remember Wiz interning at an I.D. Labs studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over 10 years ago. Watching him go from getting coffee, cleaning out ashtrays, and cleaning bathrooms to performing around the world is incredible.

I’ve come to learn that American artists getting booked in foreign countries, especially in Asia, is not to be taken lightly. Simply put, some artists just don’t “translate” well overseas.

With Wiz, we have been able to permeate all continents – except for Antarctica, of course – so it has a been a blessing to be exposed to different cultures and audiences through music.

DJing in South Korea

I spent two nights in Korea. The first night, I got to DJ two different clubs in the city. I must say Koreans do love their hip-hop.What was very refreshing about hearing other Korean DJs play hip-hop was that they weren’t bound to just playing “Hits.”

These Korean DJs were really playing deep rap cuts, mainly a lot of “trap” rappers including Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, and Rick Ross. And sprinkled throughout, big records like Kendrick Lamar “Humble.”

I was truly impressed by the selection and even more impressed that the crowd wasn’t turned off by unfamiliar music. They just kept dancing, some of ‘em even mimicking popular “hip-hop dance moves.”I did not touch the turntables at the second club, Sabotage, till 5 a.m., and the crowd still moved with me till past 6 a.m. What a night.

The Show

The second night was our performance, which was right outside the Olympic stadium in Seoul. I was told the show was sold out with over 6,000 people in attendance, but it looked like way more from the stage. From the moment we stepped onstage, all eyes were on Wiz. It hit an ultimate “high” when we performed “See You Again” (above).

Seeing Wiz do shows for little to no people, then to see him up there with fans from another country – singing along though most likely cannot speak English fluently – is a true testament to music and the connection it makes. Music is definitely the language of the world.

The Food

I have to mention the food. I got to eat Korean BBQ more than once, plus some other Korean goodies including “oh dang” on a stick (below). And here’s another video of me trying a sushi-like concoction called kimbap.

Finally, check out my video recap of my trip, trying foods, and some candid on stage moments from my visit here.

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