Soundset headliner Travis Scott brought his own thunder to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds – while a storm came and passed.

The Houston native didn’t “incite a riot” or perform “Goosebumps” 16 times, but he definitely delivered.

Here are a few highlights of when the Birds Eye View Tour met the Main Stage at Soundset on Sunday.[/embed/<p> Travis made a guest appearance early on in the night before his official set, by joining Gucci Mane for a performance of their joint track "Last Time." He also had a special guest of his own, as Kylie Jenner supported him somewhere backstage.</p>

The 25-year-old rapper took older fans “Way Back” and performed “Mamacita” as he introduced pyrotechnics on stage even through a brief downpour. From start to finish of his set and through the storm, rainbow and sunset, he steadily kept the hype up with high energy.

Throughout the performance, Travis bounced around every corner of the stage and exclaimed, “I’d jump in with you guys, but they’re trying to sue me left and right.” Even without being able to fulfill every performance stunt, he still kept the excitement high by ripping off his shirt and lending his autotune-enhanced microphone to audience members.

La Flame ended his set with extended versions of “Antidote” and “Goosebumps” before ultimately closing with “Lose.”

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