A little while back, Ben and Dana from Go 96.3’s Morning Show had a crazy idea. They wanted to fill a bus with a load of listeners and drive them to an undisclosed location for an unforgettable experience.

Fast-forward to 2019 and that idea doesn’t sounds so crazy anymore! We have another amazing experience in the works on Friday, August 2nd we’re asking our #GoFam to put their faith in us once again.

Meet us at Wicked Wort Brewing in Robbinsdale on Friday, August 2nd at 3pm and sign-up at our table for a shot to ride on The Trust Bus! Must be 21+ to participate for this Trust Bus event.

*Arriving early at Wicked Wort will not increase your chances of securing a spot on the Trust Bus but will increase your chances of having a beer beforehand. This trust bus will run from 3pm until around midnight.

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