California grub! Before his death, legendary rapper Tupac Shakur sketched a one-page concept for a restaurant called The Powamekka Cafe.

Envisioned as “a passionate paradise 4 people with power 2 parlay and play,” the world got its first vision of Powamekka Cafe for one day in Fresno last year on the 20th anniversary of Pac’s death.

After its runaway success, it was announced that Powamekka Cafe will pop up again, this time for three days this weekend in New York City.

Lower East Side restaurant Sweet Chick (of which Nas is an investor) will host the Powamekka Cafe. Run by Pac’s estate, the Cafe will be adorned with Pac memorabilia, including handwritten lyrics, childhood photos and poetry. The menu will boast Pac’s favorite foods, namely gumbo, meatloaf and (according to his estate) “his cousin Jamala’s fried chicken wings.”

Pac’s original tagline for the restaurant was “The perfect hideout 4 those who wish 2 escape the world’z cold reality.” Perhaps in these times, we need Tupac’s restaurant ideas now more than ever.

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