Major key alert! The mogul DJ Khaled recently released his latest compilation album, Grateful. Sticking to tradition,the mega-producer and social media guru gathered rap, hip-hop, reggae and R&B artists from all across the board to put together a 23-track project.

Khaled’s 10th album features both fresh faces like Kodak Black and 21 Savage and recurring collaborators like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Jadakiss. However, the contributor who has been given the most credit throughout the whole recording process, is eight-month-old executive producer and DJ Khaled’s adorable son Asahd.

We used Twitter as a map to find out if this album should be played or passed, and here’s what the masses had to say.

“I Love You so Much”

There are songs to party and stunt to, but “I Love You so Much” best demonstrates the album’s theme of sheer gratitude. DJ Khaled dedicated this family-oriented, Chance the Rapper-led track to his baby boy. In it, DJ Khaled throws in sweet ad-libs, like “You’re the greatest that ever did it, you’re born blessed.” But the highlight of the record has to be when Chance recites a remixed version of a childhood favorite as he runs through the alphabet in the interlude.

Nicki Minaj

The two songs that Nicki Minaj spits on provide two totally separate vibes that both work for @No_Trates. First, in her verse on “Nobody” she explains her stamina by rapping, ” I’m addicted to winning and I can’t be benched/Go to war for every black queen that they lynched.”

Then, in “I Can’t Even Lie,” the self-proclaimed Barbie likely fires shots at Remy Ma, while Future shows appreciation to his Lamborghini and jewels on the same track. “Keep your man off my Instagram, b*tch 99 problems but ain’t one a damn b*tch,” Nicki raps.

Local love

Local emcee Lexii Alijai took to Twitter to let everyone know the second interlude on the album featuring Belly is a must listen. In it, Belly spits for two minutes of about what he’s thankful for and pays homage to his Palestinian heritage. Some notable bars from the “Consuela” rapper are, ” If you ungrateful then you ain’t great/Me and Khaled come from the same place/Huh, holy land, holy land.”

Haters gonna hate

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if one thing is for sure, it is that the “avengers” Khaled assembled for Grateful provide the album with variety.

For instance, if you like Drake, then the bouncy “To the Max” should be added to your summer playlist immediately. But, if you are into more funky, dance vibes, then you’ll probably want to put “Don’t Quit” featuring Calvin Harris, Travis Scott and Jeremih in your rotation.

“Wild Thoughts” 

Speaking of dancing, there are plenty dance floor-ready tracks on the album, including “Wild Thoughts” with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. The soulful sampling of Santana’s “Maria Maria” adds the perfect amount of Latin flair to the track that is full of smooth, sensual lyrics. Other songs that are easier to dance to than just listen to, include “On Everything” and “Whatever.”

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