The self-proclaimed best rapper alive has been doing his job to keep rap alive.

Despite being locked up, Florida-based Kodak Black released his street album Painting Pictures.

Because it’s 2017, people are taking it to Twitter to react accordingly.

18 moods

This tweet seems to be exactly what Kodak hoped for and more. In the teaser for the “Project Baby” documentary released alongside his album, he says he wants people to feel the everything he has been through.

In the album opener, “Day For Day,” his first poetic lines are, “I don’t rap, I illustrate. I don’t paint pictures, I picture-paint.” Then, the track includes clips of news reports about Kodak’s legal battles. Kodak adds that the streets already sentenced him before he entered the system.

The ups and downs of Kodak’s life are what part of what makes it hard not to listen. By the third track, “Candy Paint,” the rapper talks about being able to drop 20 grand on his aunt easily and how draping his lady in Louis Vuitton is no big deal.

Then the quotable “Twenty 8” brings the mood of the album up yet another notch. Kodak talks endearingly about the woman in his life with the help of the homemade echo in “Twenty 8” and over piano sounds on “Patty Cake.”

Everyone’s got “Tunnel Vision”

Last month, Lil Kodak teased the emotions of this full-length album with the Metro Boomin-produced “Tunnel Vision.”

In a tell-all hook the Project Baby says, “Lil Kodak they don’t like to see you winnin’, they wanna to see you in the penitentiary.” First, off only Kodak could pull off rhyming winning and penitentiary, but this rhyme and the story it tells combined with the infectious beat, have all played a role in bringing this track to over 50 million plays on Spotify.

The song about keeping goals clear has already made its way into after-school programming and has gotten another guest artist on the album, Jeezy, dancing.

Club-ready production

The danceable beats are consistent from start to finish on the album. “Painting Pictures” makes a perfect soundtrack for practicing your Kodak bop in front of the mirror or stunting at the club.

Kodak and crew could barely stay in their seats when piecing together “Coolin and Booted.”

The 2016 XXL Freshman’s full album can be found below so you can start tweeting too.

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