This month Forbes named its 30 Under 30 Music selections, and the list features two direct connections to Go 95.3. Both beloved Minnesota favorite Lizzo and Wiz Khalifa manager Will Dzombak were honored alongside Migos, Cardi B and Travis Scott

We spoke to morning show host Sophia Eris, who tours with Lizzo, and midday host DJ Bonics, who tours with Wiz, to get their perspectives.

Sophia first heard about Lizzo’s nod casually in conversation, but the magnitude didn’t quite hit her until she saw it posted on social media while they were touring together. “I jumped out of my bed,” Sophia said. ” [I] congratulated her by slapping her leg and saying “29, just in tiiiiime babyyyy!” 

The announcement was made the day of their tour stop in Boise, Idaho, leading to Lizzo’s first live comment on the accolade while performing “I Am Not a Game,” punctuating the song with “but Forbes thinks I’m Monopoly, B****!” 

30 Under 30 Music represents a group of people that not only have an impressive work ethic, but are also a revolutionary,” Sophia added. “The are pushing the envelope for the next generation. They are leaving an imprint to change the world. Lizzo definitely deserves it.”

Being entrenched in Taylor Gang, Bonics found out about Dzombak’s honor through the Gang’s text thread. “To see Will go from Wiz’s assistant to leading such a big brand and being a part of one of the biggest artists in the world is just a testament to how hard he works.” 

Before his rise, Dzombak used to listen to Bonics on Pittsburgh radio, and “He thought I was the biggest celebrity in the world in Pittsburgh.” Once they connected, Bonics has loved seeing Dzombak’s rise, “He used to be this frat guy who got Wiz Khalifa perform at his frat house, and to see him go from that to where he is now is just crazy to me.” 

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