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Last week, following Tyler, the Creator‘s IGOR debuting at #1 on the Billboard charts, DJ Khaled was reported to have been taking the news of debuting at #2 in – let’s say – not the most gracious of ways.

While Khaled’s primary issues seem to be with the charts themselves, including rumors of impending litigation, this didn’t stop Khaled from taking a shot at Tyler in a passive aggressive since-deleted Instagram post:

Tyler, being the lovable rascal that he is, responded not with an outright diss record, but sarcastically embracing Khaled’s words when asked about their tension over social media.

It began with Tyler celebrating that he sold out New York’s Madison Square Garden, one of the world’s most famous arenas. A fan tweeted he’s doing “pretty good” for something “mysterious,” which Tyler agreed.

Then, when DJ Akademiks posted a poll asking who had the better album, Tyler commented “who tf listens to tyler the creator?…HIS MSG SHOW SOLD OUT BUT FR I HAVE NEVER HEARD A TYLER SONG IN MY LIFE.”

Tyler, the Creator comes to The Armory on September 2.

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