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One of the more potent controversies in hip-hop this month has been Vic Mensa‘s BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher comments that eluded to late-rapper XXXTENTACION.

In his rhymes, Mensa referenced XXXTENTACION’s history of horrifyingly violent assaults on women, stating “your favorite rapper is a woman abuser…” before throwing potent barbs. While BET censored the lines on the broadcast, they aired them uncut at the awards where – unbeknownst to Mensa, XXXTENTACION’s mother was in attendance.

Mensa’s received some backlash, and while the rapper expresses regret over the clip airing in front of a grieving mother – who he did not know would be present at the awards – he has not backed down on his anti-abuser stance.

In response to the most hostile reactions he’s received, including allegations of hypocrisy given Vic at one time admitted on a song to choking his girlfriend, today he dropped “Empathy,” clearing his head and getting off his chest his regrets and where he stands at the moment.

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