Sprite’s long history with hip-hop continues in their first ever music video for Vince Staples.

For over 30 years, Sprite has been putting hip-hop at the forefront of their brand. From Kurtis Blow to Pete Rock & CL Smooth to Nas, beats and rhymes and lemon and limes have gone hand-in-hand. That’s perhaps why it’s so refreshing to see the company has financed a full-fledged music video for Vince Staples’ “Rain Come Down.”

The latest track from his new album Big Fish Theory – which he’ll perform at our #BFGS on July 30, “Rain Come Down” features three strategically placed Sprite bottles during Staples’ stoic performance during a day and night in the desert and later at a diner.

But don’t expect a winking self-awareness or crass-commercialism. The David Helman-directed video plays it straight, with the Sprite bottles strategically placed as part of the overall mise en scène. Staples told Billboardtoday that Sprite is “not trying to come across as an overbearing force, they’re just trying to walk in tandem with the artist and the legacy of hip-hop.”

Big Fish Theory is out today. Be sure to catch Vince Staples’ lyrics on Sprite cans this summer, as well as performing alongside Wiz Khalifa, Blackbear, Bobby Raps, Mac Irv and Finding Novyon at our #BFGS.

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