I started a Quarantine Diary because, well, why not? I will update it most days, maybe even multiple times a day. Who knows? Nobody knows anything. Just gives us something to do each day.

You ever do something with the best of intentions and it just blows up on you? That is what lead to me overdosing on Vitamin C – the actual vitamin, not the singer who did that Graduation song. 

Just like everyone else I have been doing my best to stay healthy and taking care of myself during the ‘tine. Plenty of rest. Mixing in some exercise. Fruits and veggies. I thought I’d take it to the next level and ordered one of those like 200 packs of Emergen-C, you know those packets you add to water which gets you pumped with Vitamin C. Woo! Health zone, baby!

So I started housing those packets multiple times a day. I was up to about 5 or 6 a day. No such thing as too much of a good thing, right? I AM HALF MAN HALF VITAMIN C! Well turns out there is too much of a good thing. I was having headaches, muscle aches, stomach cramps, etc. 

I obviously at first thought it was the Corona. But then I did a little Google search about if you can overdo it with the ‘min C. Turns out you can! And the symptoms are headaches, muscle aches and stomach cramps. Apparently I was getting like 10x your daily amount of Vitamin C. 

So let that be a warning to you! Be healthy, but enjoy your C in moderation. Also, if anybody wants to buy a huge pack of like 150 Emergen-C I will give you a pretty good deal. I am off that sauce. 

Couple random ‘tine musings….

  • I am completely on lockdown! My co-host Ben came down with the Corone and I was obviously exposed to him. No symptoms yet. Staying home and staying healthy; just watching my Vitamin C intake. In the meantime I will be doing the show from my house. Ben was up to join me for a few minutes today from his basement. to give us an update on how he is feeling.
  • I ordered a new grill (the kind you cook food on, not the mouth gear) and the only thing I am bummed about that is I won’t be able to give the delivery driver a bear-hug out of pure excitement when it gets here. 
  • I love cooking fun and fancy dinners, but sometimes, especially during the ‘tine, ya just gotta say screw it and make some chicken nuggets.

Random Idea to Entertain Yourself: You ever heard from so many people that you JUST HAVE to watch a certain show and how you WILL LOVE IT and you GOTTA WATCH IT MAN so much that you have no desire to ever watch it? That is how I felt about Schitt’s Creek. I heard from so many people I needed to watch it, to the point where I had no interest in watching it. Well…I finally watch it. All you jerks were right. I do love it. I am cranking out episodes with reckless abandon right now. 

Quarantine Silver Lining of the Day: I know we are all bummed about the canceled events and no longer being able to do the stuff we were looking forward to. But….BUT what about all the crap we were NOT looking forward to?! That is all cancelled to. Glass half-full, friends. 

Quarantine Hero of the Day: The great, great Adam Sandler debuted a new quarantine song on Fallon the other night to give us a much-needed smile. 

Alright, that’s all I got for today. Check out all the previous entries into the quarantine diary. Be well and reach out if you need anything. 

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