I started a Quarantine Diary because, well, why not? I will update it most days, maybe even multiple times a day. Who knows? Nobody knows anything. Just gives us something to do each day.

Falling asleep sucks. A lot of us really struggle with it, even when the world isn’t crumbling down. This ‘tine isn’t really helping the our quest for a solid 8-hours, is it? 

I have dealt with sleep issues for as long as I can remember. I have one of those brains that just never turns off. “I know I should sleep right now, but I think I am going to dwell on that time I embarrassed myself in front of a cute girl in middle school” or “I have to be up in four hours but remember that movie where Burt Reynolds was a cop and his partner was a kid? I need to learn everything about that movie right now.”

However, about six years ago I started working in morning radio where my alarm goes off in the middle of the night. In those six years I have managed to totally overhaul my sleeping patterns and am finally getting good rest. I dunno if these will work for everyone, but they have done wonders for me. I figured I would share them with everyone else since I am seeing so many posts about sleepless nights due to the Coronavirus. 

  1. Have a bedtime routine and stick to it – I do the same thing every single night. Shower, get ready, get in bed all at the same time. It has gotten to the point where I get fussy when the thing gets thrown out of whack. Finding a solid routine helps so much. 
  2. Ditch the TV – This was a big one for me. I used to just mindlessly “oh, just one more episode” until the wee hours of the day. Now I never turn on the TV once I am in bed. Do I still look at my phone? Well of course, I am not an animal. But even that I turn the light filter on and ditch it earlier than before. 
  3. Reading – In the past year or two I have rediscovered my love of reading things that aren’t tweets and Insta posts. I read books every night before bed. It is amazing how quickly my eyes get tired and I fall asleep. Find books you love and that you truly enjoy. It helps me actually look forward to getting into bed. 
  4. Only use your bed for night sleep – I have found that napping or working on the laptop in bed or whatnot during the day only hurts my sleep at night. By not getting that big cozy bed until it is night night time has really helped train my brain to sleep better. 
  5. Don’t toss-and-turn – I learned once I got into that toss-and-turn mode that falling asleep anytime soon was futile. Time for what I like call ‘a reset.’ Get up an do something. Doesn’t really matter what it is. Go to the bathroom. Do a lap around the house. Check to make sure the door is locked. Read a chapter of a book in the living room. Just move around for a bit then get back into bed and give it another shot. 
  6. Melatonin – You might wake up having had a dream about facing off against your freshman RA in the finals of an international birdhouse building contest, but you will fall asleep. Plus, the gummy kinds? Effing delicious. Nice little bedtime snack.

So there you are. Again, I am not a doctor or any kind of sleep expert. Just a former major insomniac who finally found a way to get some solid honk shos at night. Hope some of these will be helpful for all of you. 

Couple random ‘tine musings….

  • Another Coronavirus silver lining? Haven’t seen many posts on social media lately about the Whole 30 or other dumb fad diets. 
  • I figured out a solution about the whole lack of sports dilemma. Dogs are immune to Coronoavirus, right? DOG PROFESSIONAL SPORTS LEAGUES.
  • I pulled a muscle in my butt today while fixing a window that wouldn’t shut. I guess I have no choice now but to watch Netflix and play Nintendo all day….just like I was planning on doing anyway. 

Random Idea to Entertain Yourself: Remember the beloved classic Hook?? Remember the scene where they got into a food fight with those delicious looking colorful pies? Well some great citizen of earth posted a video on YouTube about how to recreate those pies at home. GET YA APRONS OUT. Tip of the hat to my guy Dustin Jones for sending this one along. 

Quarantine Hero of the Day: Wanna hear about a really good Good Boy? Meet Sunny the golden retriever who has been delivering groceries to his eldery neighbors. He goes and grabs their list, brings it back to his human who then picks up the groceries, and Sunny then delivers them. WHAT A GOOD BOY!

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