The internet doesn’t seem to know how to handle Aminé’s short film about his rise to hip-hop greatness.

From 8 Mile to Straight Outta Compton, hip-hop fans love to see the origin stories of their rap heroes brought to life. Of course, sometimes these dramatizations are unintentionally funny. Then, there’s the rare intended comedies. Behold, Becoming Aminé.

The tale of Aminé as a high school student desperate to get his music on the local radio show, it’s not really close to anything factually accurate. The Portland native casts a “young Aminé” who doesn’t bear a particularly striking resemblance to the titular character, and from there we get a short absurdist teen faux-adventure with stops at nonsequitur scatological and homoerotic gags along the way.

While many online have gone as far as to say “This is Not Spinal Tap,” the short does work as more of a post-Tim and Eric series of silliness. There’s a strong Loiter Squad chord being hit, and helping aid that vibe is the short’s original score performed by Tyler, the Creator.

Many are puzzled by Aminé’s sense of humor here. However, it’s important to remember that the “Caroline” rapper hails from Portland. Need we say more?

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