Why raise the roof when, like Anderson .Paak, you can light it on fire yourself?

As part of Fendi’s new F is For Fendi website launch, the top of Fendi’s building in Rome hosted a very special Anderson .Paak performance. Seen here as part of his duo NxWorries with producer Knxwledge (Earl Sweatshirt’s “Balance”) the two stir a soulful rendition of their album Yes, Lawd!‘s first single “Lyk Dis.”

As sleek as the camerawork is, and as awe-inspiring as is it to see the Rome skyline as sunset, .Paak’s performance continues to play second fiddle to no one. His energy just vibrates through the occasionally blurry screen. Plus, Knxwledge’s hypnotizing mystique is second in coolness only to the greatest leather rooftop chair we’ve ever seen

Yes, Lawd! is available now. .Paak is set to perform next at the Grammys with Q-Tip, no word on that performance’s make and model of chairs.

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