Chance the Rapper has always made it a point to let the visual accompaniment to his music pop as much as the tracks themselves. In his latest video for “Same Drugs,” he marries his matured soulful performance abilities with the childlike wonder of puppetry. While we got a glimpse of Chance’s love of puppets at last year’s Magnificent Coloring Day Festival, the sentiment continues to be genuine in this latest clip.

Directed by Jake Schreier (Francis and the Lights’ “Like A Dream,” that one cute Coke ad they’d play before the feature at the movies, you know the one), the children’s show aesthetic is spot-on. From the neon video title screen to the slow panning to Chance dueting with the puppet, “Same Drugs” really makes Chance’s hometown of Chicago not seem that far from Sesame Street.

We get a clip of a new puppet after Chance departs at the video’s conclusion, so for fans of hip-hop and puppeteering, it looks like 2017 might be your year!

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