Danny Brown’s music videos have become some of the most unpredictable and intriguing clips of his generation.

He and Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill have created perhaps his most unsettling visuals yet for “Ain’t It Funny” from 2016’s Atrocity Exhibition.

Featuring veteran indie director Gus Van Sant, Growing Pains sitcom icon Joanna Kerns and a child actor with a spectacular on-screen credit, “Ain’t It Funny” perfectly captures the taped-in-front-of-a-live-studio-audience aesthetic.

Letting the overt cheeriness highlight the clip’s tremendous dark streak, it’s a pretty powerful commentary on drug abuse and its effect on families who don’t take the illness seriously.

The clip arrives with the news that “Ain’t It Funny” will also be available as a Record Store Day exclusive 10-inch picture disc (limited to 1,300 copies) with Brown’s collaboration with Clams Casino, “Worth It,” as the b-side.

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