Starting the year on the second leg of Atmosphere’s Freshwater Fly Fisherman Tour, deM atlaS is keeping us flush with new music through the surprise release of his new video “In the Mud.”

A one-verse, one-hook home run, deM flexes his first-person storytelling muscles over a lush production from North Carolina duo Dirty Art Club.

The video, directed by Samiera Abou-Nasr, who also did deM’s “Perfect Day,” is a strong mix of characters — grooving through a supermarket to an intimate moment of reflection — with only one shot of deM chilling at the bar.

As he wrote on his Bandcamp, deM says “In the Mud” came from a time he “felt complacent and in a daze not knowing exactly where I should be spending my time. Too often, I found myself waking up late, hungover and laying next to a woman I barely knew knowing that I had other shit to do. This kept happening, and like any habit or addiction that’s nurtured, it became comfortable. So, the song is basically about that; playing in the mud, drinking the mud, living in the mud & being strangely content with it.”

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