Rapper Desiigner just popped up on Bill NyeSaves the World to learn a valuable lesson from a supermodel.

In case you hadn’t heard, Bill Nye is back! Thanks to Netflix and his new show, everyone’s favorite Science Guy is here to enlighten and entertain with the same energy that made his kids show such a blast two decades ago.

In the clip, Karlie Kloss (Zoolander 2) pops up at different treasured moments of Desiigner’s daily life to show him how his favorite things are potentially in crisis due to the effects of climate change.

While the impact on broads in Atlanta isn’t weighed out, Desiigner learns how mankind’s treatment of the environment is hurting our chocolate, fish, coffee and…*gulp*…our pandas.

The hip-hop connection of Bill Nye’s new show is already pretty strong. Tyler, the Creator’s theme music begins every episode, something both Nye and Tyler seem pretty excited about.

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