Music lifestyle brand WeBuyGold has a brand-new Instagram show, and it stars DJ Khaled.

His first foray with WeBuyGold after being named their creative director, Khaled’s show The Bless Up is a touch hard to follow, but it results in Khaled giving total strangers gifts, so everyone pretty much walks away happy.

In the premiere episode, a tale told in three acts swipes, DJ Khaled peruses the WeBuyGold submissions from fans all over the world looked to get “blessed up.” We see a bevy of clips, really displaying Khaled’s wide appeal.

In the second swipe, before Khaled makes his decision of who of the submissions to bless, we see him randomly giving strangers presents including sneakers, flowers and turntables.

Finally, we find out that Khaled has “flipped the script” and has instead chosen to invite 75 fans to a location to give them each a pair of sneakers.

Confused? Basically, imagine if season two of True Detective was a game show with a much happier ending. Khaled can’t help but inspire, and while this all seems like a pretty roundabout way to dole out gifts, THEY don’t want you to make sense of it! Repeat to yourself, “It’s just an Instagram, I should really just relax.”

WeBuyGold co-founder Dan Altmann told Billboard “We couldn’t think of a better person to join forces with than DJ Khaled as he shares our passion for storytelling on social media.” If this first episode is any indication, Khaled is now the Thomas Pynchon of influencers.

The Bless Up ft. @djkhaled — follow @webuygold to see what’s Up Next ???? #TheBlessUp ????

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