Remember when we used to have to wait years at a time to hear new Frank Ocean? The dark ages are over as we’ve been blessed with another great new Frank Ocean track – this time joined by two of his longest collaborators in Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator.

Debuting on the third episode of Ocean’s blonded RADIO, the surprise “Biking” made for perfect coasting music in the late night hours.

Both Jigga and the Goblin King contribute warmly nostalgic verses touching on simpler biking memories. Considering now that Jay-Z has owned both a yacht and a basketball team, it’s unexpectedly refreshing to hear him reminisce about “E.T. on the handlebars.”

The kinship between Ocean and Tyler always lends itself to something special when they align, and the minute-long “Biking” video that features skating and hanging-out footage is reminiscent of the early Odd Future days, which you may be surprised to realize are now seven years ago. No word yet on if this is from a forthcoming Ocean full-length, but between this and both versions of “Chanel,” the Ocean vault appears to have a deep depth worth exploring.

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