Remember last year when Maroon 5’s Pokémon Go-themed video for “Don’t Wanna Know” seemed to be as weird as the “Moves Like Jagger” band would get?

Well, looks like we were way off, thanks to the Future-assisted “Cold.”

In the video, lead singer Adam Levine gets a call to stop by Future’s crib to hear his verse for their new single, when somebody slips something in his drink and things get wacky. Mixing visual effects with surreal imagery, we even get Future turning into a floating teddy bear.

Between the people dressed as animals and unsettling colors, the whole affair is really, really bizarre. For a video that puts it all out there, it does make it funny that there’s a single bleep in the clip for presumably an unwanted product placement.

While there’s no word on the name or release date of the new Maroon 5 album, the video does happen to coincide with a big week for Future whose self-titled album is expected to drop Friday.

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