The Gorillaz might think you don’t exactly “Feel Good” right now, so they’ve returned with their first new song in five years, “Hallelujah Money.”

A touch more solemn than their usual lead singles, the tracks is visibly assisted by Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine. While the members of Gorillaz are largely absent from the clip itself, the mash-up aesthetic can be felt from the background montage of an array of pointed footage from around the world.

Looking at the song as a critique of capitalism, one might point out how the elevator in the clip bears a little more than a passing resemblance to Trump Tower. The political subtext has always existed with the animated group, and time will tell how much their new project will reflect a post-election sentiment.

While we don’t have a specific release date, or even title, for the new Gorillaz project, “Hallelujah Money” is confirmed to be our first taste of it. Given the elaborate tease of new Gorillaz music from their Instagram stories late last year, it’s safe to assume something big is on the way.

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