A sign of 2017 being a year where the unexpected is expected and nothing makes sense is how the new duet “Fetish” between Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane features the former-Disney princess as the unstable, destructive one while his Gucci-ness is the poised like the one who has it all together.

We’re tempted to throw an #NSFW tag on this one as we don’t quite know how it makes us feel. Gomez smashes and trashes a bevy of inanimate objects, tortures her tongue, eats soap and gets flour everywhere. Meanwhile, Gucci seemingly joins us via 8mm projection.

Some online speculate the meaning of the clip is Selena consuming everything except the peach and is showing how the projected absence of a love is destroying the home around her. We like to think it’s a tribute to Rachel Leigh Cook‘s classic anti-drug psa.

Gucci’s had a busy week collaborating with pop princesses. Earlier this week he appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Down” with Fifth Harmony

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