AIDS charity (RED) just put out a remake of Kanye West’s “Famous” video — made entirely with Instagram’s canine royalty.

Among the dogs seen in the clip are Chloe Kardoggian (of course), her sister Muppet, Toast Meets World, Chloe the Mini Frenchie, King Bentley the Bulldog, Ella Bean, Harlow and Sage, Mervin the Chihuahua, Mochi and, in the center as our Kanye stand-in, Tuna Melts My Heart.

If you want your pooch to look Kanye-quality and help stop AIDS along the way, the same dog pajamas from the clip can be found at (RED)’s website and go for $28. According to (RED)’s website, they’ve raised over $365 million dollars and have helped finance HIV/AIDS grants to impact the lives of over 70 million people.

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