Kung Fu Kenny is here to put hands to face in “ELEMENT.”

The voice of Kid Capri is enough to get anybody amped, but it turns into a full-fledged battlecry in the new Kendrick Lamar video for “ELEMENT.” While not particularly gory, we should warn you that the slow-motion shots of fist-meeting-face may be disturbing to some viewers.

Directed by Berlin photographer Jonas Lindstroem, “ELEMENT” explores what physical contact can signify – from the comfort of relationships to Kendrick slapping the blood out of a guy’s mouth.

If you watch the way that the more-violent elements are framed, they’re not played out in a manner of glorification or comic relief. Rather, it’s an almost scientific study of how the aggressor and recipient’s bodies react upon impact, the nuances lost in other video’s similar scenes that focus more on the almost-pornographic shots of physical harm.

It’s the latest video from DAMN., and the slow-motion here makes great contrast to the album’s hyper-kinetic first video “HUMBLE.” Now that Kendrick’s balanced out the universe, we have no idea where he’s going to go next.

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