Hold up, new Kendrick!

We’re just one week away from April 7 where, unless we’ve all been hoodwinked, we’re all going to be getting a brand new Kendrick Lamar album. The record will be his first full-length since 2015’s acclaimed To Pimp a Butterfly, and we got our first surprise taste of it last week with the out-of-nowhere emergence of “The Heart Part IV.” Now, we finally have a visual component, and, well, buckle-up buckaroo.

Not that we ever doubted him, but his new video “Humble” is comforting in the sense that Kendrick’s tremendous success over the past two years has not changed his potent social commentary or machete-sharp rhyme skills. Additionally, the video jam-packs enough impressive effects to basically feel like four or five videos. From the raw nature of poverty, to pulling back the curtain on photoshopping, to a Grey Poupon commercial reference, there’s a lot to unpack, all fitting naturally with the same jam as the soundtrack.

While April 7 will also see the release of new Tech N9ne and Joey Bada$$ albums, Kendrick has solidified that any and all hype for whatever he puts out will be wholly justified.

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