Logic has one of the most passionate followings in rap, so it’s no surprise he brought the party with him to network television.

Returning to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to celebrate the release of his new album Everybody, Logic encapsulated the project’s all-inclusive energy with a rendition of “Black Spider-Man.” It featured a diverse array of supporters (including Kimmel‘s own Guillermo) as he made his way from the streets of Los Angeles to Kimmel’s stage.

Performing a track titled “Black Spider-Man” is appropriate for that part of L.A. as Logic is rapping near one of the world’s largest-per-capita communities of people dressed as Spider-Man. One even joins in, who (SPOILER ALERT!) later reveals himself to be singer Damien Lamar. One could make a case for Lamar’s incredible voice really stealing the show here, impressively belting and holding a note as our spider-sense tingles.

Logic’s web-slinging timing is pretty perfect as his performance coincidentally coincided with the release of the second teaser clip from this July’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. Everybody is available everywhere now.

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