Mac Miller’s given us something to pass the time with a 12-minute music video for his The Divine Feminine track “Cinderella.”

Ty Dolla $ign is along for the ride too in this clip directed by Bo Mirosseni – Kaytranada & Anderson .Paak’s “Glowed Up,” Sleigh Bells’ “Riot Rhythm.”

Given how much there is to unpack, we’ve decided to timestamp our recap. Please enjoy reading along to our Mac Miller Science Theater 3000.

0:40 – The first of many cool shots. Compelling, unsettling but dope-looking imagery is the best way to start a video.

1:04 – Angel wings! Here, the Divine Feminine elements all kick in to justify making a video for a song 7 months after its release.

1:35 – At this point we’ve now seen more shots of driving and parking than the entirety of all actual on-screen adaptations of Cinderella combined.

2:04 – This long noir-esque shot of a continuous glare symbolizes looking at something.

2:05 – The song begins!

3:42 – OK, so we have this long narrative established, but now Mac is rapping into the camera, effectively making this a Stanley Kubrick-directed episode of Saved By the Bell.

4:20 – Should I be making note of the timestamp here for the reveal of the motion-capture suits’ light show? As cool as this semi-meta moment is, repeat viewing kind of echoes the baffling mid-video bloopers of Genesis’ “I Can’t Dance.”

6:58 – Man, millennials who won’t stop staring at their phones in line for the bathroom at surrealist underground secret society art parties are just the worst, amirite?

7:56 – All right, so the video looks like this now and we still have four minutes to go. Luckily Mac’s a charismatic dude, so the dancing by himself works.

10:04 – Wait, who’s that dude? Credit sequences are usually too late in the game to introduce new characters.

10:37 – POST-CREDIT SEQUENCE! I wonder if this is where Nick Fury asks Mac Miller to join The Avengers?

10:50 – They’re really establishing the heck out of this 13-second-long establishing shot.

11:00 – That party last night was awfully crazy. I’m glad they taped it.

11:04 – Wait, a SECOND set of credits? Not sure how I feel about this. Not sure how I’d feel about my all-time-favorite music videos if they concluded with two sets of credits either.

Overall “Cinderella” is a pretty bold artistic statement. We’re guessing Mac’s jump into feature-length films must be just around the corner.

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