How does MGK follow up the biggest hit of his career? Why, with the ultra-aggressive “The Gunner,” of course!

If you’ve ever seen Machine Gun Kelly live, you know about his high-octane, high-risk antics. Last year at Soundset he climbed the stage’s scaffolding and hung off the top of it by one leg. Thus, a track like “The Gunner” isn’t too out of the realm of what he does.

Backed by a bevy of gun-wielding beauties, MGK plays the role of a hired gun, imbued with some supernatural power and boasting that he’s the finest shot in the land. The clip seem sleek and filthy at the same time, with cuts between a war zone and a neon triangle performance shot making for a compelling juxtaposition.

“The Gunner” comes from MGK’s latest release Bloom. He returns to St. Paul for a show at the Xcel Energy Center on August 15.

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