Go shorty, Macklemore’s going to party like it’s his grandma’s 100th birthday.

Macklemore’s first solo album in over a decade is on the way, and our first taste of it, “Glorious,” finally has a video. While Skylar Grey joins Seattle’s favorite thrift shopper on the track, the video features another charismatic diva – Macklemore’s own centurion grandmother Helen.

For her 100th birthday, Macklemore surprised Helen at her California home for a day of whatever she wanted (her request: “everything.”) So began an amazing 24 hours of egging houses, theme park fun, surprises from friends, and male strippers.

Topping it off with a giant well-lit cake and lakeside sunset, it’s nothing short of heartwarming. While we have no date, or even title, yet for Macklemore’s album, he and producer Budo have thrown us quite the shindig to hold us over.

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