Major Lazer just came out of nowhere with a wholly infectious groove. Always dependable for a banger, this time we get PartyNextDoor and an especially welcome Nicki Minaj appearance for “Run Up.” Is it Rap-Nicki or Pop-Nicki? We get both and it’s actually great.

Minaj has been on such a tear since re-emerging with “Black Barbies” last autumn and, fear not, the addition of Major Lazer and PartyNextDoor to her soundscape do not dilute it. In fact, not only do we get some fine MCing from Minaj over the beat, she seamlessly weaves in her pop elements (which she’s usually, and wisely, kept far separated) for a full 360 of what makes her great.

No word yet as to whether this is for a new Major Lazer or just a one-off, but Minaj did mention in her rhymes she has a fourth album on the way, so we’re anticipating a surprise any day now.

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