Reminder: Mary J. Blige has one of the most powerful voices on the planet.

Truth be told, we might be guilty of taking the great Mary J. Blige for granted. Fresh off last week’s release of her Strength of a Woman album, her near-quarter-century career has given us 13 full-length releases. Each of them perfectly score the moments when we find ourselves ready to be done with all things “drama.” Blige is one of life’s few constants, that why when her talent is backed by the Roots, it’s an outstanding refresher course in all things Mary.

The Roots’ reworking of hip-hop tracks is always a highlight of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and hearing them flesh out Blige’s “Love Yourself” updates the tracks with a dash of ’90s analog R&B warmth. It’s Blige just how we like her: strong, impactful and emotive.

Fear not long time Blige fans, Hillary Clinton was nowhere near Mary during this performance, so we didn’t risk a repeat of whatever this was.

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