The Year of the Migos continues with the new video miracle for their collaboration with 2 Chainz, “Deadz.” Here, the Atlanta trio and absurd-rap mainstay join forces to… spend an absurd video budget on something resembling a summer blockbuster.

Migos are reaching Hype Williams Bad Boy ’97 levels of production values. Seriously, look at this thing.

Migos are counting money next to caskets full of actors playing dead founding fathers found on our currency. This is absurd in the best of ways. From the camera effects to the diamond masks, this whole video looks incredible. By contrast, Migos’ flows are minimalist to the point of almost being neo-classical in their simplicity, a far cry from the layered loops their vocal patterns often weave.

Of all the over the top moments of excess under the Migos brand in 2017, a new standard has been set.

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