Migos were recently in Las Vegas to take a tour of Mike Tyson’s mansion. GQ aligned the two pop culture juggernauts because, why not?

Migos got the full Tyson treatment. From making feathered friends with pigeons to trying on title belts and discussing the finer points of tiger ownership, everything you could want from this historic meeting is here.

As a bonus, we get to see Tyson’s eight-year-old daughter play a little piano, and she’s quite good. The Migos give her some well deserved encouragement, because they’re good guys too. We also get Tyson spitting some memorable lines from Migos’ “Versace,” proving that musical talent runs in the family.

No word yet if Migos will visit the Northside home of local hip-hop icon 50 Tyson while they’re in the Twin Cities. We’ll keep you posted.

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