Until today, Missy Elliott’s reemergence consisted of a bad Fall Out Boy song and an Alec Baldwin commercial. Now the queen is back with the Lamb-assisted “I’m Better.”

Missy’s always been ahead of the curve, but given how long it’s been since we got a proper wave of Missy, it’s understandable how she plants the roots of the new track into mumble/trap territory before branching her flow out into a whole bunch of Missy-ness.

Directed by frequent Missy Elliott collaborator Dave Meyers (“Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It”) we get all the haunting synchronized dancing, memorable visuals and sleek editing that always make Missy videos such an event. While we have no indication of a date or even name of an upcoming album, a track like “I’m Better” seems to have too much of a spark to be a stand alone.

While we don’t have word of an immediate music project attached, “I’m Better” dropped alongside a trailer for a new Missy documentary. We don’t have a title or date for that either, just the promise that it’s “on the way.”

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