For the latest single from Murs’ Captain California album, he linked up with Curtiss King for a send-up of ’70s and ’80s dating shows in “Lemon Juice.”

Taking the track’s concept of competing over a woman to the next level, the video reimagines their tension on the set of fictional dating show, Love or Lemon.

Seeing Murs and Curtiss exchange barbs and physically react as only they can adds to the entertainment, and perhaps serves as a potential pilot for a forthcoming reality show.

Murs fans have been quick to point out the Twitch T-shirt he’s wearing, as the rapper has been live-streaming his gaming on the platform. Murs might even be the first rapper ever to thank “The Twitch Community” in the liner notes of his new album.

You can hear “Lemon Juice,” more from Murs, as well as all the latest from hip-hop’s indie-ground and underground Sunday nights from 10 p.m. to midnight on First Impressions with Chaz Kangas.

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