There’s plenty to do when you visit Jolly Old England! But whether you’re taking in Westminster Abbey or the Tower of London, one thing you do not need is any ‘Frauds.’ Not even one. To further emphasize this point, Nicki Minaj brought along Drake and Lil Wayne to make this public service announcement in their new video “No Frauds.”

You may remember “No Frauds” as Nicki’s response to Remy Ma’s scatching diss track “#Shether.” Well, Nicki’s keeping the track (And apparently the beef) alive by going across the pond to add a visual component to her barbed Black Barbie lyrics. Along with cinematic elements emphasizing certain lines (As well as clarifying a shout out to Ellen DeGeneres), the elaborate royal scenery adds a touch of class to some absolute brutal allegations.

We also get Drake dressed in his best picture-you-found-of-your-dad-in-the-late-70s swag and somehow working it effortlessly. While his and Wayne’s verses have nothing to do with the Nicki-Remy feud, Drake does add a cool element to the track. And hey, Wayne showed up! Guess his plane worked well enough to fly to England.

“No Frauds” can be found as part of Nicki’s #3PackFromParis release.

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