Chicago rapper Noname’s sold-out show at 7th Street Entry in February was a strong reminder just how strong hip-hop in an intimate setting can be.

Noname brought the same majesty to her set at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.

Performing cuts from her acclaimed 2016 release Telefone, she and her band gave the already gorgeous songs a whole new life.

There’s something just disarming about Noname’s performances. While the observations on Telefone are often blunt or subtly cynical, seeing her do the songs live soften the blow with the warm conversational element. Tracks like “Casket Pretty” blossom with the love within the vocals, and “Diddy Bop” really touches the nostalgia buttons that harder when you see Noname’s face illuminate with the reminiscing.

Noname’s Telefone is available for download here.

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