Today, Rick Ross released a video for his latest Better You Than Me track “Triple Platinum.”

Or did he?

In a peculiar artistic choice, “Triple Platinum” arrives with the qualifier that it’s an “UNOFFICIAL VIDEO.”

This doesn’t seem to be the case with “Triple Platinum.” Released on Ross’ YouTube page and featuring all-original footage of him and rapper Scrilla, the VHS aesthetic is a far cry from the typical widescreen hi-def 35mm film glossy quality that makes his videos shimmer. This home video look really makes it appear like “Triple Platinum” is the spliced-together home movie of the viewer’s time hanging on a yacht with Rick Ross.

While Ross’ persona has always been the unobtainable gluttonous kingpin, this “unofficial” video for “Triple Platinum” gives us a private look at what being with Ross on a yacht or on-stage is like.

There are so many moments here that would never make a typical Ross video. Seeing the Bawse candidly lose himself in a fit of giggles is just as blindsiding as the three-second shot of a crab on a rock.

This is what vacation footage looks like. Given the non-canonical designation of “UNOFFICIAL VIDEO,” this is the bridge that links our real lives to the man behind the biggest boss that we’ve seen thus far. High concept and lo-fi, it’s the cheapest way to get to “Triple Platinum” certification,”unofficially” that is.

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