Rick Ross is entering that eccentric elder-statesman part of his career. Joyfully namedropping left-and-right, the positively svelte Ross has never looked like he’s had more fun, and frankly never looked better, than in his new video for “Trap Trap Trap” with Young Thug and Wale.

The song and video are a celebration of all things Ross. He’s infectiously happy, even over a typically foreboding trap beat. Even with a placeholder-esque hook like “Trap trap trap trap trap,” Ross is so happy about it that he just makes it work.

Also notable are the guests. It’s good to hear Wale here, as he might read on paper like an odd-man-out considering his collaborators and the trap title/subject matter. Not unlike his verse on Waka Flocka’s “No Hands” seven years ago, Wale finds his own lane here and excels.

Then there’s Young Thug’s verse. With no vocal effects attached to it, Thugger still pulls melodies out of nowhere, in perhaps the most traditional and accessible performance of his on this sizable of a platform he’s ever had.

Ross’ new album Rather You Than Me drops today.

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