As chaotic as live posse cut renditions can be, Rick Ross, labelmate Wale and Young Thug show us how it should be done when they brought “Trap Trap Trap” to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

As the clip starts, one’s first reaction is either A) I hope to someday be as excited about something as Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones is for this performance, or B) where are the Roots?

Typically when hip-hop acts take that Manhattan evening stage, the hottest band in late night provides an arrangement of the production to bring the beats to a new live level. Since this didn’t happen, it would take a lot for the performance to live up to the Tonight Show standard, and boy did it deliver.

Rick Ross is a stellar live performer, and his televised endeavors are no exception. He’s a master of theatrics, striking numerous strong poses on stage and connecting with the audience. After his verse, Young Thug emerges to a gigantic reaction, and the finest sparkling coat we’ve seen since Hype Williams’ late-’90s Puffy videos.

But the highlight of the clip is Wale’s closing verse. Starting it from the audience, Wale quickly galvanizes the crowd, and on his way to the stage stops by Fallon’s desk to show love to the host, as well as Jones and a clapping-along Dr. Phil.

This really is Wale’s moment as he doesn’t miss a word during his journey. Thug and Ross smile as they shift into hypeman duties for the end of his verse. It’s a cool moment with three titans of hip-hop we might not ever see again.

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