…and the crowd goes “R-T-J!” But sometimes that crowd is looking at you through one-sided glass.

So goes the new video for Run the Jewels’ “Legend Has It.”

The video’s director Brian Beletic has been working with El-P since 2002’s “Deep Space 9MM,” and also directed dead prez’s iconic “Hip-Hop” video. The clip finds El-P and Killer Mike unfairly shuffled into a police line-up after having dropped acid. It’s intense, fun, and makes a strong point about and under-reported element of the prison industry in America.

“Legend Has It” is quickly becoming one of the group’s signature songs. After tearing the house down with a special St. Patrick’s Day performance last week on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the “Legend Has It” video might be their strongest visual representation since their 2016 “Nobody Speak” video with DJ Shadow.

While we see the irreverent side and the serious elements of the group here, the duo’s flows and rhymes are as sharp together as they’ve ever been. If you’re late to the Run the Jewels train, this is the best place to start.

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