Rappers Killer Mike and El-P have spent the better part of the past 20 years dropping unwaveringly courageous, politically-minded hip-hop. Still, as outspoken as the two Run the Jewels members are, it’s still surreal to see them on The Daily Show with that Comedy Central logo in the corner. The two are one of the biggest groups in hip-hop right now, so watching them speak with Trevor Noah is a sight to behold.

With gems for longtime fans and newer Jewel Runners alike, El and Mike discussed why they release their music for free, the motivations behind Meow the Jewels (including El’s emphasis about how the cat-sounds remix project was initially proposed as a joke), and the benefits smoking marijuana has on “staying woke.”

Probably the biggest takeaway is Killer Mike going into detail about his relationship with Bernie Sanders. While also managing to slide in a condensed but detailed history of marijuana laws in America, Mike discussed how he speaks to Sanders a few times a month and will be double-dating with the Vermont Senator soon.

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