All the fun of Future live from the comfort of your own screen.

Despite dropping two new albums this year, Future’s not afraid to dip back into his catalog when the opportunity arises for a great video. His latest clip, “Right Now,” comes from DJ Esco‘s 2016 Project E.T. mixtape, and the vibe of the track makes for a great contrast from Future’s more recent larger-than-life videos.

Instead of the high-end production values of the post-apocalyptic “Mask Off” or turning into a floating teddy bear with Maroon 5, we get a camera, an MC, a mic and a crowd distilling hip-hop in its purest form. Featuring candid footage from backstage during his tours over the past year, as well as some very intimate audience shots, “Right Now” might be hip-hop’s entry into the “Wanted Dead or Alive“/”Home Sweet Home“/”Pour Some Sugar On Me” canon of live tour videos.

While some fans are questioning why Future would be making a video for a song that’s over a year old, the timing might have to do with the new 2Pac film All Eyez On Me. The track’s sample comes from Pac’s “No More Pain,” with its live original piano keys played by Jodeci’s DeVante Swing.

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