Snoop Dogg doesn’t seem to have much time these days for just anybody clowning around him. But when faced with a harlequin-ized Donald Trump in his new video, the Doggfather makes an exception.

Appearing on the BadBadNotGood and Kaytranada remix of “Lavender” (the “Nightfall Remix” if you’re nasty), the clip uses several clown troupes to address xenophobia and police brutality.

Directed by James DeFina and beloved YouTube prankster Jesse Wellens, the video finds Michael Rapaport playing a father in a clown family who is shot by a clown policeman. “Lavender” also shows a notably orange clown President calling for a ban on all dogs, until Snoop ultimately has to pull his Trump card.

Likely to be controversial, and notably (and unsurprisingly) the product of a smoke session, “Lavender” seems like quite the artistic statement to make in between potluck dinners with Martha Stewart.

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