It wasn’t all that long ago she was “tha Kyd.” At 18, Syd was thrust into the center of the Odd Future hoopla as the in-house engineer of one of the most-discussed hip-hop movements this decade.

Seven years and a well-earned critical darling status for her work with the Internet later — not to mention a strong 2016 that saw her appear on new albums from Common and A Tribe Called Quest — Syd shows off her skills as a full-fledged solo entity with “All About Me.”

In the full context of her canon, it’s a very interesting listen. We’ve gone from her mastering the West Coast basement lo-fi sound to full-fledged glossy produced urban contemporary pop. “All About Me” is the first we’re hearing from Syd’s solo album Fin, out February 3.

Produced by the Internet’s Steve Lacy, Syd made it abundantly clear that this doesn’t mean the dissolution of any of her other groups. Syd tweeted the video with the sentiment “AINT NO GOIN SOLO BIH, WE’LL BE PERFORMING THIS AT INTERNET SHOWS ONLY.”

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