What you know about giving a voice to the struggle? T.I. knows all about that.

T.I. premiered his short film Us or Else last month on BET. Fifteen minutes of fury, the mini-movie was composed of visuals set to his surprise post-election Us or Else: Letter to the System EP that came out at the end of last year.

T.I. has made the jump into serialized long-form music video by bringing several of the tracks to life in one narrative.

Directed by Mike Ho (Chris Brown’s “New Flame,” Kid Ink’s “Be Real“), Us or Else crafts a story from T.I.’s “I Swear,” “Letter To The System,” “Warzone,” “I Believe,” “I’m Blessed,” “Writer,” “Pain,” and “Take Da Wheel.” The short also features London Jae, Translee, Charlie Wilson and B.o.B.

T.I. is no stranger to acting. Ever since stealing the show in American Gangster a decade ago, T.I. has since impressed audiences with roles ranging from Roots to Ant-Man.

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